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“I’m not under too much of an illusion of how smart or un-smart I am
because Filmmaking ultimately is about teamwork”
-Guy Ritchie-
Tom Norris

Tom Norris

Director A wide knowledge of the media
industry gained through working on
productions for companies such as
Unstoppable Entertainment,
Talkback Thames, Pett Productions
and online based video company,
Adjust Your Set.
Jack Joy

Jack Joy

Director Skilled videographer, experienced
working with production
companies including Channel 4, Wall
to Wall productions and Lighting
Location London. Practiced in
covering live events, such as the UK
Festival Awards.
Rachel Clarkstone

Rachel Clarkstone

Director Film graduate from Queen Mary
University of London.
Experience on productions with
Warner Bros and Optomen and
covering events such as London
Fashion Week.
Dan J Lambert

Dan J Lambert

Resident Photographer Accepted at the Royal Academy of
Art (Holland) Completed various
workshops inc. The Headshot
Intensive with Peter Hurley (NYC).
Portrait Photography
Corporate Headshots
Kris Spandler

Mat Hill

Motion Graphics Designer A Digital artist with industry VFX
training and experience in
motion graphics, design and filmmaking.
A Glass Half